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it's pretty amazing how this world works sometimes.

just when you get so bogged up in school, and hate your life or lack thereof... you get people asking for help about the law and suddenly by helping them, you discover why this would be worth it all over again.

Aug. 26th, 2012

sometimes you marvel at the sheer beauty to be found in nature. woke up this morning to a lawn blanketed by snow.
feeling like rainbows and sparkles now.
suddenly it seems like the air is getting warmer (not true since it was a chilly three degrees this morning), and the sun is out for longer.

ahhh, now that dreadry winter is almost passing me, i feel more alive.
results were fairly disappointing to say the least...
and it's not as though i tried very hard but thankfully this time i did try and it was more than sufficient. phew.
seems like the subjects you really detest do eventually come back to haunt you.
admin essay submitted on monday! rushing reflective journal for submission tomorrow.

first paper which is thankfully, torts, on coming monday, and then subsequently, crim on wednesday and contracts on friday. sooooo much left to study and so little time. having a little meltdown. went for a brief run and came back shivering to no end. four degrees out there, no joke. must be really stressed to wanna run in such conditions but thankfully, the run cleared my head. sorta.

looks like its ctrl+c and ctrl+v for stupid journal before i can finally get to studying for exaaaaaaams!
Imagine this. 

Four students hunched over the messy kitchen table in a nondescript apartment feverishly trying to wrap up a 2500 word admin essay. Suddenly, one of them lets loose the foulest, most bile-inducing, sensory overloading fart ever. The smell permeates the entire kitchen/living room so much so that two air fresheners fail to do their job and the room has to be evacuated for ten minutes. What a fucker.

LOL, i was that individual. #megusta


Anyway I couldn't help but ponder over the obvious ramifications of the failings of the Singaporean judicial/legal landscape when chionging my essay. Over here in Australia, there is a clear and distinct separation between the judiciary and the executive arms of the system. Budden, looking at the switcheroo being played out with appointments of the AG in singapore, one can't help but wonder if political muscle is being flexed to purpose a hidden agenda? How does an AG receive promotion to the bench when a bencher becomes a judge? Bloody confusing in my opinion.

Okay anyway, farts' cleared, so back to work!

i remember sitting through a lecture in year one on the stress management skills of law students, and lawyers thereafter, and having to do an assignment for it. back then, i thought it was ridiculous since lawyers on television often come up with case-winning epiphanies overnight. what a hilarious and naive presumption.

i find myself feeling stressed, incessantly, i might add, and it is really driving me nuts. no wonder we see large numbers of lawyers who turn to drink and ciggs. thank goodness for the presence of friends who suffer through the mind-numbing lectures of rhodes scholars and oxford grad, and lighten your day with witty repartees and lame observations. there might just be a silver lining here somehow.

May. 8th, 2012


School's being really hectic but ridiculously fun with classmates throwing up all sorts of random defenses which just makes our tutor sigh. Manage to make it to the Christ team this year, although I got so embarrassed when the Jane boys saw me train and play. LOL, I guess being a turn-coat is never fun. Been gymming pretty often, mostly because Uni-2s are made out of savage barbarians who weigh in around 80 kilos and above.

What else is there to say, busy as a bee and really not that keen on updating hereon. :s


Year two is killing me.

Everyday is a never-ending tsunami of assignments that slowly choke you like a noose around the neck. Additionally, overcoming the inertia of my procrastinating, lazy character requires a force of nature.

Sigh, if only I can d/l the intelligence of Holt, Kirby CJ just like that.


Time is seriously speeding by.

These days, everyday is filled with lectures, tutes, readings, cases and a whole lot of gymming. I'm really afraid that I'll lag like mad if this carries on cause I'll just stutter and die from the speed.

The only consolation is that the chairs in law library are really damn comfortable. So much so I slept today and only got roused by the stupid fire alarm.

Something to savour.

Just had what was probably one of the most immensely enjoyable and incredible saturdays' of my life.

POPTART turns 7 at Velvet was really good but the company of a very weird yet oddly compatible confluence of people made everything awesome! Diana, Hugo, Bryan, John, Arian, Sean, Serena, Carma, Joyce, Angie and friends.

Gonna miss nights like these when I return to Hobart.